The Waste Issue

Book Review

By Sujata Devadas

Simple actions to tackle the The Waste Issue at source and shrink it, The Waste Issue is a slim 61 page exemplary book, presenting encapsulated facts, games, creative craftwork and humour to middle school children. 

Much as this book is written with middle school children, Grade 6 and above in mind, this book is a great gift to adults too. Games invite an interactive engagement with the book, all quotes, segments of text and craftwork suggestions point in the same direction: simple lifestyle changes help contain the problem now. There are so many ways of doing it.

Easy to read, The Waste Issue book is a short, concise way of understanding and appreciating the scale of the absence of a fundamental civic sense up front: keeping your surroundings tidy. It spurs initiative by showing sufficient evidence that there is no distance from filthy trash dumped on the road side and the disastrous consequences of massive landfills. It IS your problem, as one among billions of ‘civilised’ people facing it daily.

The combined effort of STI4Change founder, Sangeeta Venkatesh, civil engineer and educational specialist Padma Shastry and student editor, Nivedita Rathaur, The Waste Issue, imperceptibly ascends from fairy tale examples to global incidences to concluding with recent changes in Solid Waste Management rules in 2016 in India. Priced at Rs.450/- ($6.70), the book is worth more than its price.

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