The Homeo Option

Persuasive for animals

Dr Gaurav Choudhary August 10 2021

Relieving from cruelty

A friend sent me photographs in June 2018 of a stray dog lying on the roadside suffering, moaning in pain, believing that I could help this animal. A barbed wire tied around its neck was strangling it. My friend removed the wire. Nauseating stench emanated from the suppurated wound. In 20 days, I helped this injured dog by healing its wound with homeopathic medicine.

Dispelling skepticism 

Balram, a farmer, tried every suggested cure but did not find the salve for a cow at his farm which repeatedly rubbed its irritated itchy neck and face skin on any available surface. Balram’s confidence in veterinary homeopathy rose when I healed the cow’s skin in 10 days, in July 2017.

A stray dog's healed bruise, The Homeo Option

Healed bruise, stray dog's recovery

Healing an injured stray dog, The Homeo Option

The injured stray dog

Cow suffering skin problem, The Homeo Option..

A veterinary patient suffering a skin ailment

Cow's itchy skin healed with the homeopathy option..

The healed skin after treatment

The winning score

Painless homeo medicines do not reduce the animal’s quality of life. They have minimum side-effect. It enables the veterinary patient to regain strength. I have turned people’s skepticism around, using homeopathy in veterinary practice for almost a decade to heal a diverse number of stray animals, pets and wildlife.

French physician Jean-Paul Tessier believed in homeopathy and did a homeopathy and allopathy comparative evaluation at Sainte-Marguerite Hospital in the 1850s. WHO’s ‘Global Report on Traditional and Complementary Medicine 2019’ documents the use of homeopathy in a 100 countries. Echamp reports it as the third most popular specific complementary medicine after acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Animals cannot convey their distressing medical situation. Careful observation of animals is necessary to identify objective disease symptoms while they go about their life – impairment, unusual behaviour or change in their posture, their gait, their temperament. Even for medical treatment, animals have no choice. Vets rely on the judgement of their owners, their therapists, human beings concerned about that animal’s well-being.

Farmers, pet owners, the Indian Forest service near Sariska Wildlife National Park and Jhalana Leopard Reserve in Jaipur have gravitated towards utilising cheaper, harmless veterinary homeopathic healing, instead of restricting veterinary treatment to allopathy.  The list of Homoeopathic Colleges and Homoeopathy Courses affiliated to Indian Universities is long but Kerala Veterinary And Animal Sciences University Pookode conducts a post graduate course in veterinary homoeopathy.

Cherishing, curing wildlife

I have a natural affection and regard for animals. I am in the right place as a vet in Jaipur to offer medical assistance to wildlife. Membership in Eco Rescuers Foundation NGO gave me the chance to save more than 1500 snakes (cobras, kraits and more), reptiles, crocodiles, over 300 monitor lizards, spotted deer, desert fox, birds, hyena, dogs and monkeys with wildlife conservation volunteer teams.

I was shopping at the local Bazaar one day when a lapwing fell on the tarred road after suffering shock from an electric wire strung 20 feet above the street. Relieved to find it was alive, I took it home and put Arnica30 into its beak. The lapwing regained conscious half an hour later and flew around my room.

Jaipur newspaper clipping of a deer rescued from an vacant house.

A Jaipur newspaper clipping of a spotted deer rescued by Jhalana Forest Department after Dr.Gaurav informs them about the city's Malaviya Nagar residents spotting this deer inside an empty apartment.

Monkey struck by electric shock in Jhalana Forest Reserve.

Examining a monkey struck by accidental electric shock

A forest officer phoned and requested assistance when a monkey suffered electric shock from a 1100 kV high tension line and fell unconscious to the ground outside Jhalana Leopard Reserve near Jaipur. On examining it, I found it had mild superficial burns on its chest hair, shoulders and hands. This time too, I put two drops of Arnica30 on its tongue and repeated this after 20 minutes. The monkey became conscious 10 minutes later. The forest department took charge of returning it to its own natural habitat.

Hindustan Times has just reported that 1,300 wild animals were killed by electrocution in India over a decade. Saving wildlife is so important that to save and protect birds, I distributed homeopathic medicines for bird treatment while attending a bird treatment workshop at Forest Training Institute in Jaipur. I allocate time to give awareness programs and presentations that inform the public, schools and colleges on wildlife conservation. I also educate them in these sessions to prevent cruelty to animals.

Abandoned pets, strays without medical access

For 12 years, Jyoti Negi has been caring for stray animals in New Delhi. I met her 8 years ago, when she was caring for a stray dog that suffered multiple medical problems. A blood analysis and ultrasound under allopathic care did not track the reason for the stray's feeble unstable state. By the time I was consulted, it was extremely weak, with paralysed hind limbs, blood in its urine and constipation. Homeopathy improved it’s condition slightly. It lived for one more year.

Aware about homeopathic healing advantages now, Jyoti consults me to help diseased stray animals and birds regularly. It covers everything from deworming puppies and cats, curing birds with Ranikhet and paralysis, treating eczema and skin problems successfully with Sulphur, to dogs having distemper (with Distemperinum). My knowledge helped her pet, a 5 year old Labrador, when a stone hindered it from urinating.

Help Suffering Lives Society began giving medical aid to stray animals in Jaipur for skin infections, muscle rupture, kidney or liver problems, throat infection or to ease paralysis from 2009.  Its founder Sanjeev Sankhla consulted me after his 5 1/2 -year-old pet Glacy stopped eating and steadily lost weight despite 25 days of allopathic veterinary treatment. Tests on the dog’s blood, liver and kidneys did not divulge the reason behind his pet’s weak state. Glacy showed improvement the day that it took my prescription.  It began eating again and revived to its normal active self in 3 days.



Not a panacea

Homeopathy is not a panacea for all afflictions. It has scope. It has a very limited role when dealing with emergency cases. It has hardly any role where surgical intervention is required.

It does not cure irreversible organic changes or idiosyncratic patients. It also does not cure inappropriately named ‘chronic diseases’ like night blindness so long as vitamin A deficiency persists. Homeopathy has a very slender chance of curing genetic diseases. When palliative medicines are discontinued, severe counteraction or secondary action happens. Prolonged use of palliative medication renders homeopathy ineffective.

The benefit of social media is that vets treating with homeopathy regularly exchange their experience - at times with Dr. Janki Patel or with Dr.Javed Khatri working from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with Dr.Kwanta Chayapum in Thailand or with Dr Swarupananda Sarkar, MD (Hom) Psychiatry.

Recovering an animal’s health fully without inflicting pain paves a path for students and practitioners treating with homeopathy.

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