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Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter (ADAS), January 31, 2016

Found by a Swede

A kitten was found on the street of Abu Dhabi last October by a Swedish tourist. She was around two months old and her tail was badly injured with an infected wound.

The kitten was brought and surrendered to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter(ADAS), managed by Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. Her tail had to be amputated. All round medical support was provided. The kitten is now staying in ADAS, waiting to find a new home. This kitten manages very well without the tail but it needs to be kept indoors or inside an enclosed garden as she cannot communicate with other cats due to the missing ‎tail. The cat's picture is given below.

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Blinded by infection

Lying in the desert near the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, dehydrated and lethargic, a cat was found. There was an infected wound on the forehead. He is blind, its eyes infected with conjunctival swelling.

Critical care and hospitalization has been completed. Enucleation has been performed to avoid further eye infection. Although blind, he is a very happy cat that adapts very well to his surroundings. He just needs a family or person to take special care of him, since his life will continue inside the house. At the moment, the cat is staying in ADAS.

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