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Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter (ADAS), March 17, 2016

2016, Sharing Solutions, Humanity Helps Me

The Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter has saved hundreds of animals since its institution in 2010. 

This time, "an animal control company based in Al Ain spotted a dog roaming the streets dragging a metal chain. The chain around his neck was so tight that it caused a deep gash or wound. They removed the chain and the dog soon reached the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter. 

The poor dog was seriously emaciated and dehydrated. Maggots thrived in his wounded neck. We started wound treatment and disinfection immediately. After several weeks of intensive care, the wound healed completely and the hair around his neck has started to grow back.


We have now trained him to walk with a leash. He has more time for socialization with other dogs in the shelter. We hope to find a very nice family for his adoption to give him a new life." say the staff of this compassionate institution.

2016, Sharing Solutions, Humanity Helps Me

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