'Open Origins - Opens Ends’ Exhibition

Sharing Solutions, May 14, 2016 
Sandeep Pushkar, India, © Sharing Solutions Publications 

  'Birds', 2015, pigment print, by Sandep Pushkar, India  

The international exhibition, 'Open Origins - Opens Ends', is scheduled to open on July 31, 2016, in the Durbar Hall Art Center, Kochi, a major port city in Kerala. The exhibition is organized by PhotoMuse - India’s first museum of photography, located in Kerala, the southernmost state of India. The curator of this museum is Dr. Unni Pulikkal S. 

'Open Origins - Opens Ends' features a large body of work from photographers working in different genres and styles, all printed to international museum standards, either as the classic platinum prints and silver gelatin prints or as modern archival pigment prints, making it one of the largest all-archival exhibition of photography in the state.

Niranjan Das Sharma, India, © Sharing Solutions Publications 

   'Dancers', 2015, Pigment print by Niranjan Das Sharma, India.

Showcasing perspectives and skills


Dr.Unni is the Director of PhotoMuse. He explains, “The idea of 'Open Origins - Open Ends' began as a quarterly show of photography in 2015. The first show in April 2015 was a body of photographs compiled from the open forum, Better Art Foundation (BAF)-PhotoMuse Club.  Pictures were posted in the forum under no specific theme, no specific suggestions and no specific intentions. Different photographers posted pictures that fall under different genres, made in different periods of time, in different places, with dissimilar intentions. In the first place, I was baffled at the diversity of themes, but, to my amazement, there was a distinctive character to most of the significant images - the very eclecticism and disparateness that build a unique connection among them. It struck me that every image captured by these photographers seem to enjoy the freedom of being noncommittal to an imposed theme, all the while being bonded together by a mission to interpret different human conditions and experiences in their own way. All had open origins. All have open ends.”

Kochi, Kerala,  India, © Sharing Solutions Publications 

The second 'Open Origins - Open Ends’ exhibition at Kerala Fine Arts Academy, Thrissur, November 2015.  (l to r:) Mr.Muraly Valoor - chief editor of Koodu Nature Magazine; Prof. I. Shanmughadas - film critic & writer; Prof. George S. Paul - writer & educator; Vijayakumar Menon - art historian; Mr. Sreeni Pullarikal - office manager; Dr.Unni Krishnan Pulikkal, - PhotoMuse Director; Dr.Biju Ramankutty - PhotoMuse Program Manager.

The first edition of the 'Open Origins - Opens Ends’ exhibition was shown in the PhotoMuse Rural Gallery in Kodaly, Thrissur, with twenty five images by twenty five photographers. The second edition was shown in Kerala Fine Arts Academy Gallery, Thrissur, in November 2015; later, at Calicut in December. This show featured forty photographs by forty Kerala-born photographers living in India and the middleeast. The specialty of the show was the exquisite display in which the elegantly framed pictures had been grouped into 12 separate installations representing 12 concepts, each one being presented on 12 walls of the gallery. It was a highly successful show in terms of public participation and appreciation.

Christel Luecke, Germany © Sharing Solutions Publications 

    'Landscape', 2016,  Pigment print by Christel Luecke, Germany

'Open Origins - Open Ends' has departed from the common practice of announcing a theme and making images to explore it. Instead, it focuses on the idea of synthesizing concepts and visual stories from a plethora of artists, visualized and photographed on several uncommitted themes. Hence it is rediscovery and reorganization. As the images enjoy their  'Open origins', the exhibition as a whole focus on 'Open Ends' - free intention and expression.

Praveen P. Mohandas, India, © Sharing Solutions Publications

   'Birds at Bharatpur', 2016, Pigment Print by Praveen P. Mohandas, India

The upcoming international 'Open Origins - Opens Ends’ exhibition on July 31, 2016, at the Durbar Hall Art Center, Kochi is highly anticipated by the serious photo-artists of Kerala. It is a path-breaking event in this state in terms of photographer participation, number of photographs, the ingenuity of display, public engagement and the over-all curatorial novelty. This annual edition features works by hundred Kerala-born photographers and a special 'Invited' section that showcases works by twenty international photographers from United States of America and Europe in addition to some of the most prominent Indian master photographers. The exhibition will hold academic programs on various genres of photography and the history of the medium. A catalogue of photography that carries all the exhibited photographs will also be released on the opening ceremony on July 31, 2016.

Theo Berends, Netherlands, © Sharing Solutions Publications

'Scan', 2015, Pigment print, by Theo Berends, The Netherlands.

The global aspect


The international photographers participating in the show are Theo Berends (The Netherlands), Zake Elzinga (The Netherlands), Herbert Ascherman Jr. (USA), Christel Lücke & Ewald Lücke (Germany), Halim Ina (USA), Lutz Gabriel (Germany), Jeannette Palsa (USA), Peter Wissing (Germany), Sebastian Koepcke (Germany), Regina Wecke and Manfred Wecke (Germany). Some of the Indian masters participating in the show include T.N.A Perumal, Ashok Dilwali, Balan Madhavan, Suresh Elamon, B.Srinivasa, Nandakumar Moodadi, Nilanjan Das, Praveen P. Mohandas and Dhrithiman Mukherjee.

Thrissur, Kerala, India, © Sharing Solutions Publications

Visitors at the second  'Open Origins - Open Ends exhibition, 

at Kerala Fine Arts Academy, Thrissur, November 2015

Preserving a legacy

PhotoMuse is India's first museum dedicated to the art, history and science of Photography. Through the pursuit of photography and photographic history, PhotoMuse documents, interprets and promotes the natural and cultural inheritance of humanity. With photography-based outreach and educational programs, the museum emphasizes education, conservancy and India’s photographic legacy. It functions under Better Art Foundation which is a public charitable trust registered in Kerala. Now in its second year of prolific activities, PhotoMuse is striving towards its proposed, self-sustainable museum complex in Kerala by the end of its ambitious fiveyear plan.

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