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Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter (ADAS), October 04, 2015
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A dog with 'cherry eye'

This dog was initially kept at the boarding facility. He had a problem in one eye called “Third Eyelid Protrusion” or commonly known as “cherry eye”. In addition, he was also infested with mange mites which caused itching hair loss and in some parts of his body. After a month of boarding, the owner decided to give the dog to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter.


Medical treatment of the skin problem was continued and a surgical procedure was performed to correct the cherry eye. With follow up care, this dog recuperated quite well. He has now been adopted by a couple who were looking for a playmate for their English bulldog. Below is a photo sent by the owner.

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Wound infection - a cat's story

This cat used to live on the street 6 months ago. He survived by scavenging and through the kindness of an Emirati lady who regularly fed him. One day, it was noticed that this cat had become lethargic and stopped eating. There was a huge infected wound at the back of his neck. Thinking that the condition will not improve without medical intervention, the lady caught the cat and surrendered him to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter.

2015, © Sharing Solutions Publications
© Sharing Solutions Publications
2015, © Sharing Solutions Publications


After surgical treatment of the wound and two weeks of medication - in other words - proper medical care, the cat recovered. He was then transferred to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter. 


This cat was adopted two months ago and he is now happy living together with his new family.

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