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Natural Hot Springs
April 2017 Issue 8

As Old As You Feel

At age 85 George Thachil of Kerala lives up to it - one that he would have you live by too

Angamaly, India

Biking With Liberty

166 riders pursue a passion together,  dispelling the image of 'reckless' bikers

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Traumatic Accident,

Mimi's Recovery

Sad and forlorn, a domestic longhaired cat loses her fur and needs a home.​

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Talk Of The Town 

Why are Indian Mutual Funds so popular? Financial advisor N P Sarin explains.

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Overeating 4 Comfort?


​If that is addiction, the key could be anonymous recovery. Help yourself.

Woburn, USA

Inspire One Million

The Ibrahim family act to inspire a million students to reach their potential, free of charge

Sharjah, UAE

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