The Privilege To Fly

Mending bones to gift a Gyr falcon the freedom to fly

By Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH), November 17, 2016

There are 3 types of falcons: the peregrine, the saker and gyr falcons. The smallest of the falcons is the Peregrine falcon. The Saker falcon is the national bird of the UAE. 

The biggest, strongest and most beautiful of them is the Gyr falcon, known to catch bigger prey.

Gyr falcons are often used for cross-breeding with the peregrine and saker falcons. Each of these falcons have their own characteristic. It is usually the falconer’s choice which falcons they train.

In October 2016, a beautiful Gyr falcon was sent to Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital with her right wing hanging due to an accident during training. Thorough checking revealed her right wing was broken.

Immediate medical intervention was given in hopes of her giving her the privilege to fly again. After long and difficult hours of orthopedic surgery, the operation was successful and the bones have aligned back properly.

Followed by several weeks of rest, supportive medications, proper care and the full dedication and compassion of Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital staff, this majestic falcon has recovered fully and is able to fly again.

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