Happy With Three

By Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter(ADAS), October 23 2016 

On November 23, 2015, a 5 month old white, domestic shorthair tabby was found wandering through an Abu Dhabi street limping, because she could not put her slender weight on her right front leg. She was brought to Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter.

Examination by a veterinary surgeon revealed that her leg had a serious wound which had not healed properly. By the time she reached ADAS, the leg was irrecoverable due to severe neurological damage.

The severity of her condition compelled the surgeon to amputate that leg and save the kitten's life. Months of treatment and tender loving care saw her recoup. She was medically cleared for adoption.

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At this time, Chelsea, Nike and Katie visited ADAS. They watched this cat walk and play on three legs for a considerable length of time.  "We fell in love immediately!" they say.  "We call her Tripod.  We adopted her on March 12th. She changed our lives. We were overcome with emotion watching the staff at the shelter take great care of the animals waiting for adoption. Most particularly, how much they loved our three-legged kitten. We understood their compassion for Tripod. She now walks happily on three legs." 

The three girls "Thank ADAS so much for their big hearts! We are eternally grateful!”​ Tripod lives with her new family 'happily ever after'. A wish fulfilled, a gift that she truly deserves.

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