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Solutions link bonds across borders

This magazine ascribes to "Humanity helps me".

It spotlights splendid initiatives by resourceful individuals around the globe.  Solutions like these can be adapted to your problems. 

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Our Story

Sharing Solutions magazine is an antidote to the cringe-worthy malevolence we are showered with in the daily news bulletins. The overwhelming majority of 7 billion human beings conduct their lives peacefully, extend a helping hand, remain friendly, express appreciation and laugh together. 

Splendid solutions crafted and implemented by proactive, inventive people belonging to different nations, different continents, of all ages, genders, religions and nationalities are featured on its pages. We can help each other and expand the application of some unique solutions to possibly not so unique problems.

Beyond subscribers' name and email address, this magazine collects no data from its online visitors.

Please note: social media channels and links that leave this website have different 'terms and conditions' over which the magazine exercises no control. Authors published on this website are expressing solely their own opinion. 

By editorial policy, the subjects politics, fashion, cosmetics and religion are excluded. This family magazine leaves obscenities and vulgarities out. We thank all those within the media industry and those outside it who understand this decision and contribute, sometimes, because of it. 

 Sharing Solutions magazine's genesis is credited to Neha Thawani and key backup supporters like Raj Menon and Shivdas Menon. This magazine lifted off into publication in 2015.

Come, enjoy. Be inspired to help lives around the world.

- Sujata Devadas

Editor in chief

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Sujata Devadas

Editor in Chief



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Manoj Kumar V

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Nija Devadas

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