Every time someone helps you without a thought and you smile your gratitude, the message automatically conveyed is 'humanity helps me'.  


You may never see him or her again. Share your solutions world-wide and the whole of humanity lifts off.

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Sharing Solutions Humanity helps me

Sharing Solutions digital magazine

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Food Forests


Farmers evolve plenty for all​ cultivation


Sreekrishnapuram, India

Upcycling Water

Primary school rethinks meeting scarcity

Howrah, India

"Not for me," Do you say,"it is too real. I prefer fantasy, more imagination" ? Think again.

It is real life for the individuals featured in these solutions, but it is definitely fiction for you. Unless, fascinated by what you read, you check it out yourself to establish this as fact, "actually happening!" Sharing Solutions magazine media personnel, some of its readers too, do check it out. Far from being evil, millions of us human beings are considerate, proactive and resourceful enough to have the vision, utilise imagination, mind and body to craft and resolve the plights and problems of many. Humanity helps. 

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