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Photo courtesy: Dr.Santosh Kumar

GChoudhary, Jaipur, Rajasthan

The Homeo Option 
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

It's not a panacea, but homeopathy proved to be a winner to heal animals. Dr. Gaurav Choudhary touches on the merits and limitations of using homeopathy in veterinary practice.  

Macaques, social grooming

A Monkey Food Court 
Thirumalapur, Telengana, India

This village did it right ! Shruthi Suresh Sawulla details how Thirumalapur solved human~wildlife conflict with Jagtial Forest Department to provide ...

A food court for monkeys !

Gifting food

The Ripple Effect
Thrissur, Kerala, India

So many contributions add to the ocean of social welfare, uplifting people in vulnerable circumstances. 'Kanika' or KWF shows a picture of the layers that they addressed.

JUNE 2021 ISSUE 22

Tiger's pug mark.jpg

Life-giving Corridors

Bilaspur, Chattisgarh, India

Delay sixth mass extinction.  Connect different gene pools at different habitats so that wildlife populations thrive, says WWF-India project officer Aakash Bhushan.

Happy SRT Farmer, Saguna, Maharashtra

Hold Carbon, Cool Earth 

Raigad, Maharashtra, India

Less drudgery, no heavy machinery, no flooded paddy field GHG emissions. Dr.K.E.Usha sees Saguna Rice Technique benefits: better yields, more crops with aerobic cultivation.

Asian Palm Civet

Smarter Rescues 

Alwar, Rajasthan, India

Snakes, civets or hyenas, while saving wildlife, give them minimum distress. Or else, the word 'rescue' can be misleading, wildlife conservationist Aman Bhatia explains. 


Gita Ramachandran

Compliments, my appreciation for this magazine, the drive in continuing this effort of sharing solutions.

Suresh Chulliparambil

Good articles. Congratulations for all these efforts and Best wishes for their future.


I have been reading this magazine for some time and was watching for the direction it would eventually take, growing into its own comfortable niche as most such ventures do. Luckily it has grown more eclectic, if we can say so.  Interesting articles from across the spectrum of human experinces hit you in every new edition. Keep on surprising us.